Thermalism is a sector that combines therapeutic aspects and wellness; BENAQUAM is aware of the importance of the "water path" in such a context.

BENAQUAM provides design and implementation of Thermalism’s Centers projects, guaranteeing full support from the early sector analysis to the final projects for the application of new technologies using innovative materials and developing - together with You - the application of hydrothermal-mineral resources, with integration between conventional and traditional medicine.

With know-how and experience of many years we offer a high - level consulting and design in the implementation and management of thermal systems and health services.

The implementation of a Thermalism’s Center project is a complex process that involves the following activities:

1. Analysis together with Client

2. Business-Plan

3. Implementation of Hydraulic Plants

4. Implementation of Air Conditioning Plants

5. Structural solutions through functions, paths and Architecture 

6. Protocols for hygiene and health management

7. Drafting maintenance management manual

8. Providing proper maintenance procedures

9. Consulting about self-monitoring plans for hygiene and health issues and technological plants working.