Design is the BENAQUAM ability for give answers to customers. 

Benaquam design activities are supported by special advanced studies and activities of project financing, engineering management and marketing.

We provide our customers with solutions in terms of projects of industrial application using advanced technologies and special components. We can include project managers and senior experts selected by the customers.

BENAQUAM offers a high professional service in the domains of air conditioning and hydraulic plants, special aquatic plants, water catchment works, architectural and functional layout setting and renderings.

For BENAQUAM design is an activity that can be performed not only as a full service to the client until the delivery, but also as a support service to the implementation of a project with reference only to some phases such as:

1. Technical and economic analysis

2. Supervision of projects

3. Development of energy saving plan

4. Solutions with innovative technologies and materials

5. Water catchment works

6. Use of innovative technologies and materials

7. 3D rendering development.