BENAQUAM develops projects of swimming facilities, wellness centers, spas, water features and aquaparks.

The theme of water is treated as a whole from the analysis of issues related to paths and layout of water flows and people streaming up to the technical design of the plant. 

Among these activities the study and research of proper and innovative materials - that might be able to solve many hygiene and health issues - are very important.

Our long-standing and qualified experience in the analysis of contents, functionality and paths, enables our company to provide a wide range of services, from simple consulting to design and implementation of small as well big Wellness Resort projects. The choice of products and the refinements are always selected by means of a direct feedback with the customers.

Regarding swimming facilities we deal with the most classical way to enjoy water: from pools for ordinary water leisure activities to Olympic swimming pool, built and managed using the most advanced technologies and management facilities.

The implementation of a swimming facility or aquatic center in general can be performed following traditional or innovative methodologies.