BENAQUAM always deals with plants: plumbing and thermo-mechanical plants, aeraulic and aquatic plants,

providing the customers with answers and services in terms of design, consulting, supervision and works direction, giving priority to the high-tech and more sustainable choices for the environment (renewable energy and energy saving).

Therefore BENAQUAM has the ability to design the architecture of the entire structure consisting of plumbing, aeraulic plants, thermal plants and aquatic plants.

The study and the plants project drafting are the result of high scientific knowledge and complex activity that take into account the following items:

- receiving all client requests and focusing the aim of the work

- analysis of characteristics of the project site

- analysis of characteristics of water that should be used

- analysis of materials to use

- analysis of hygienic conditions to complain


BENAQUAM has developed the knowledge of materials used in plants, especially installed in moist environments and in contact with the water, providing leading supplier companies with “guidelines”, acquiring and deepening a considerable technological and scientific know-how.

BENAQUAM is involved in advanced research on the compatibility between disinfectants (oxidant, reductant - and not - formulated) and metallurgy, new plastics - advanced polymers and co-polymers, with constant attention to the non-toxicity of the derivatives.