BENAQUAM expresses its professionalism, expertise and skills through consulting to meet specific needs and problems of customers.

BENAQUAM accomplishes its mission through Consulting and Planning, carrying out the concept of "I CARE FOR YOU", which means attention to needs and expectations of the customers.

BENAQUAM understands the needs of the customer, even those not expressed. "Dealing with projects and ideas related to water" means assessing the multiplicity of feature, functionality and application of water, giving attention to the analysis in a multidisciplinary way, also after the interventions.

Only the deep knowledge and technical skills together with years of experience allow to understand the real dynamics and issues of a specific request and therefore to be able to give adequate answers.

The international experience and the numerous references in the specific sectors allow us to offer our advanced services to Public Administrations and private customers and companies, both in Italy and abroad.

Consulting is not only performed as a service of technical and scientific knowledge, but it is often closely connected with design as it’s a preparatory activity to the planning and implementation of a project.